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What are former campers saying about Tech Trek?

  • “My experience at Tech Trek was absolutely amazing. I loved my core class which was App Inventor, and I made 6 apps which I was so proud of!”
  • “My experience at Tech Trek was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun learning about chemistry, engineering, genetics, mathematics, app development, technology, general sciences, and astronomy! But most importantly, I learned that there are many other girls in the state that are very similar to me! We share common interests and aspirations for our futures. Meeting all of these amazing girls really took my experience at Tech Trek to a whole new level, and I would not have enjoyed it almost at all if it wasn’t for them.”
  • “It has opened my eyes to how hard I need to work to reach my goal, and I know that I will be studying a lot harder this year.”
  • “It made me feel like I can be anything I want to be.”
  • “I feel better about being a stereotypical ‘nerd.’ I cannot wait to take every STEM class that I can get my hands on!”
  • “This has made me so excited and makes me look forward to my future as a road filled with possibility.”